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Don't {stick with|stay with|stick to|keep with} what {you already know|you are already aware|you know|you are aware} and {think|believe|feel|consider} {will be|is going to be|will likely be|will probably be} {enough|sufficient|adequate|ample}. {If you want to|If you wish to|In order to|If you would like} {be a|become a|be considered a|be described as a} {successful|effective|productive|profitable} {network|system|community|group} {marketer|online marketer|internet marketer|marketing expert}, {you need to have|you must have|you should have|you have to have} {many|numerous|several|a lot of} {skills|abilities|expertise|capabilities} {that will|which will|that can|that may} {advance|progress|improve|move forward} {your career|your job|your employment|your work}. {Know how to|Understand how to|Learn how to|Realize how to} use {Facebook and Twitter|Twitter and facebook} {to help|to assist|to aid|to help you} {market|marketplace|industry|market place}. {Learn how to|Discover ways to|Figure out how to|Learn to} {write|compose|create|publish} {a successful|an effective|an excellent|a prosperous} {blog|weblog|website|blog site}. {Always|Constantly|Usually|Generally} {try to|attempt to|make an effort to|try and} {learn|discover|find out|understand} {something new|something totally new|new things|a new challenge}. {Learning|Understanding|Studying|Discovering} and {applying|using|implementing|making use of} {what you|everything you|whatever you|the things you} {learn|discover|find out|understand}, {is how|is just how|is the way|is when} {you are|you might be|you happen to be|you will be} {ultimately|eventually|in the end|finally} {going|heading|moving|proceeding} {to achieve the|to get the|to obtain the|to have the} most {amount of|quantity of|level of|volume of} {success|achievement|good results|accomplishment}, and {this is especially true|this is also true|this is especially valid} {when dealing with|when confronted with|while confronting|facing} {network marketing|multilevel marketing|multi-level marketing|mlm}. {Create a|Produce a|Develop a|Build a} {document|record|file|papers} {where you can|where one can|where you could|where you may} {save|conserve|help save|preserve} {these kind of|these types of|this kind of} {tips|ideas|suggestions|recommendations}. Then {create the|make the|produce the} {time in|amount of time in|period in} your {schedule|routine|timetable|plan} {when you can|when you are able} {put them|place them|stick them} {to work|to operate|to function|to be effective}. {Success|Achievement|Good results|Accomplishment} {awaits|is waiting for} you!
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