Jelly Fruit Cake

Hello guys,Hope you are very fine today,my next blog on something special .It is about cake and very soon Christmas is coming within some-days.People and children like cake on month of December.You can make at home the cake recipe.It is something Different recipe is simple also. The name of recipe is Jelly Fruit Cake .We will Sharing with you the recipe below.Lets start making cake……..

Recipe and Method:

6gms of China grass soaked in 1cup of water for 10-15 mins

Pieces of any fruits of various colors… Recently I have taken Pomegranates,Grapes,Dragon fruit,Oranges,Kiwi.

Take a non-stick pan.Add soaked China grass along with the water..keep stirring continuously on low flame.Gradually the China Grass Will Dissolve.Later add Half liter of water .Keep stirring till the water gets boiled.Switch off the gas.

Take any container for the cake to set.Pour few spoons of prepared jelly mixture in the container then place the pieces of fruits in any order of your choice.Then again pour the jelly mixture till the fruits are fully covered by it.Then place piece of fruits followed by jelly mixture.Similarly layer the fruits and jelly mixture.Keep some space at the top of the container around half a inch.Place the container in the fridge for 15min.

Take ready mix jelly of any flavor that you like… i have taken Raspberry flavor.Prepare the jelly as the instructions given…

Take out the container from the fridge.The jelly would have set a little.Now pour the raspberry jelly mixture in the container and fill the container to its brim and keep the prepared jelly fruit cake in the fridge.Let it set for minimum 4-5hours..While de molding the jelly fruit cake pierce 4-5 toothpicks on the sides of the container for the jelly to loosen from the sides.Remove the toothpicks and turnover the jelly cake container on the plate and serve chilled

Optional: A cup of sugar may be added to water while boiling….

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